About Start-Up Mag

About Start-Up Mag

We are a digital start-up magazine for everyone who is interested in following the start-up tech business. Contributers are welcome to spread their word on our platform. Advertisers are welcome to reach the worldwide start-up community.

Our Mission

  • To create an independent online magazine, free and accessible by everyone worldwide
  • To provide an easy-to-use stage to share knowledge, adventures and philosophies
  • To use technology to bring you news and developments, quickly and thoroughly, using all available media
  • To provide a searchable library of enjoyable educational material
  • To reach across physical, cultural and national boundaries to create a truly global magazine

Our Core Values

Start-Up Mag is a service to the start up business community, whose purpose is to facilitate the spread of knowledge, innovation and adventure.

We work towards this by creating an enjoyable internet magazine for everyone to share knowledge via news, articles, interviews, reviews and more.

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